Rausch Rausch

Solitary, up tu 15 cm across. 1*1 7 cm across. |CS/P\1| IMSIKIIti III >V Bolivia, \iquilc. «lllljt wmt s; I.. Jn\ h nn'i.i

Lobivia famatimcnsis (Speg.) Ii. & R. Solitary, up to 3.5 cm across w ith a Meshy tap-root- Fl 3 - 5 cm across, y. sanjuancnsis Rausch; up to 20 cm high anil 5 cm across. Fl up to 9 cm across (from San Juan) \. jachalcnsis Rausch; arcolrs muri- woolly, 11 smaller (near Jachal) |\VR127/IP/I)HS| IHsikiui iio\: Argentina, la Rioja, in the I amatina Mountains.

(HIIIK WMKs: Reichetxartuspstutiomriuanus.

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