Ortega Unger

Noticeably spinier than the type with more cylindrical heads; csp prominent, 1 4. I'l to 6.5 cm across. 11.771/


r>IS*rRlIitrilc>N: Mexico, S Sinoloa. o mKR NAMES: F. uchoicrenac

Ech in occ re u s trigl oc h id i a tu s v. mojavensis (Englm. Big.) Benson. Forming clumps; spines6-10 up to 7 cm long with 1-2 csp all curving and twisted v. gonacanthus (Englm. & Big.) Boissev. is Davidson, spines 6-9, csp (0-) 1 (-2) to 4.4 cm long; 11 as for species (New Mexico, NF. Arizona, S Colorado). [Il|

PISIKIUITION: Mojavc Desert region of USA and N Mexico.

OTHER N.AMES: E. mjuTOiUf v. gfni.u anthus: F. ffinacanlhus.

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