Muehlpf B R

Lsually solitary, to 60 cm high bv 30 cm, ribs rounded. Fl yellow, throat often red. to 7.) cm vxide. v. sinuatus (A. Dietr.) Benson; smaller, rbs more acute, lower esp twisicd and flattened (SF. levis; NF. Mexico). |P.M45/ HS/PMJ

OISTRIBITIOV SK New Mexico, W and S Texas; CN Mexico, S to San Luis Potosi

OTHKR NAMES: llumutinürtus »um., '//. Ivnphamatus', F han ; crussispinus. v. sinuatus. //. unuatui, 'F. sinuatus'

Fcrocactus histrix (DC) G. I.indsay Soliiarx, to 110 ern high bv «0 cm. Fl vcllow. |PM35/HS/ PM|

DISTRIBUTION; Widespread in C Mexico. OTHKR NAMES: 'F. clutracanthus

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