Mammillaria isotensis Rcpp

Stems to 25 cm high by 5.5 cm, clumping; rsp 10-13, 3-7 mm long, csp 2, ft-17 mm long, lowest longest and hooked, brown to black. Fl 16- IX mm across, carmine. ICS/PMI

DIMKIHl hon Mexico. Mexico l)F, FJ Isote.

Mammillaria karwinskiana Mart. Offsetting or branching dichotomuusly, stems up to 10 cm across. Spine length and axillan vwol amounts ven variable. |PM7/I IS/PM)

ois ikiiii rton: Mexico, around the city of Oaxaca. Ol ill K \\.xiis: If. nnfusa, W. muhisrta, If. amzuttn, .If. ebouiainihd, W. fischcri, If. ntmnystax, M. pyrrhwephala.

Mammillaria klciniorum Appenzeller

Solitan. stem up to 13 cm across; ll 2 cm ainisv Related to ll jaliu-4ina!k M. uuattmscmu. |K190-7/IP/K|

HIMKIBUTIOV Mexico, Michoaean, Iquilpan

Mammillaria klissingiana Hoed.

\l first globular then elongating to 16 cm high and V cm across; evcntualh offsetting. I'l shvlv produced, 8 mm across, pale pink. |SB270/CS/PMi

DlsiKItu iion: Mcxico, Tamaalipas, Jauma\e \ alley

Mammillaria kncbcliana Hoed.

Stem offsetting, to 6 cm high, 4.5 cm across; csp at first 4, later 5-7, the lowest 15 mm long, hooked, reddish-brown. Rsp 20-25, very line, white FI 15 mm bmad, yellow Plant pictured. SH29, appears to ht the original description.

distkiki iion: Mexico. Sierra de San I.uis Potosi. oitttk nvxiks: If htuhnciidna.

Mammillaria knippcliana Quchl

Stems up to 8 cm high by 6 cm, strongly offsetting; 1110 mm broad, straw yellow with red tips to the petals. |CS/\\]

DiMKiiit iion: Mexico. Morelos, near Cucrnavaca.

Mammillaria krachcnbuchlii

(Krainz) Krainz

Densely clumping, individual stems up to 3.5 cm across. ICS/W)

DlsiRltimON: Mexico, ()axau, near Tama/ulapan.

Mammillaria krasuckac Repp.

Solitan. to 8 cm high bv U cm, rsp 26 32, 2 4 mm long, white, csp 4-6, 6-25 mm long, yellowish, dark-brown or black, lowest longest and usualh hooked. FI 2 cm broad, carmine. (Hösel) related to M. rckoi.


oisiKim iion: Mexico,'Jaxaca, near Ketorma

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