Mammii I R I


Mammillaria rcttigiana Boed.

Solitary, globular. aboul 4 cm across, 1*1 pale pink, 1.5 cm across. |CS/\V|

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, original locality not cited, plants fitting the description have been collected recently between the city ol Guanajuato aid Dolores Hidalgo. orill.K NAMES: If. fxMcitiuna.

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Mammillaria rhodantha Link & Otto

Usually solitary. stems to 40 cm high by 12 cm. Rsp 17 - 24, 4-9 mm. glassy-white to pale yellow; csp 4-'J, to 25 mm, yellowish to reddish-brown. |k248/IP/K| DISTRIBl HON: Mountains to the K and \ ol the \ alley of


OTHkR N AMES: W aurritcpt, M. fiutata.

Mammillaria rittcriana Boed.

Solitan, globular, it cm acrttss. Closely related to M. chtonoccphala hut much smaller and with longer and finer spines. |K28fi-l/IP/K|

DISTRIBl I ion: lligueras, between Monterrey and Sallillu, in Coahuila, Mexico.


Mammillaria ruestii Quehl

Solitary, to 40 cm high b\ 7 cm. |CS/\V | Dis IKIIII HON: Guatemala. Honduras.

Mammillaria roscoalba Bocd.

Soliian. depressed-globose, to 18 cm across, 6 cm high ¡SB285/CS/PMI

DISTRIULIION: Mexico. Tamaulipas, Progresn, near Victoria.

Mammillaria rubrogxandis Repp.

Solitary, 4 III cm high by 10-18 cm. PI rarely produced, (al least in the llritish Isles), 4.5 cm across, bright carmine. fCS/PM]

Dis ikiiii HON: Mexico: Tamailipas, between Jaumave and Ciudad Victoria; \ue\o l.eon, DulcCs Nornbres.

Mammillaria ruestii Quehl

Solitary, to 40 cm high b\ 7 cm. |CS/\V | Dis IKIIII HON: Guatemala. Honduras.

Mammillaria saboae Glass

Clumping, stems I 2 cm tall and broad. Fl 4 cm across, v. goldii ((i. & I'.) (¡lass & I'osicr, (illus.); sparingly offsetting, stem to .1 cm by 3 cm. Fl 3.5 cm wide (Nacozan. Sun ) fa. haudeana( & Wagner) I). Hunt; clumping, stem to 4 cm (all. Fl 6.5 cm wide (Vccora, Son.) |IP/P| nisi Klin'l ION. Mexico, S\\ Chihuahua, near Terrero O'l in K wmi s. v. goldii: II. goldii fa. haodeana: if. Iiuudfuuu

Mammillaria sactigera Hoed. & Tieg.

Solitary, globose, to 7 cm high. Fl 2 cm wide, white with pink midstripc. \ plant of uncertain status but the illustration show s a habitai specimen of the plant commonly in circulation as this species |H| dis i Kim no\: Mexico: Queretaro and San l.u'is Potnsi.

Mammillaria sartorii Purpus

Stems lo 12 cm fall by III cm, clumping. |CS/P| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Vera Cruz, Barranca de Tcnampa.

Mammillaria saxicola Repp.

Heads to II) cm high by 8 cm. later offsetting to form small clumps. Rsp 6-8, 2-5 mm, glassy-yellow, brown tipped; csp I -2, 7 411 mm long, lowest longest, glassv-\cllow or brown, dark lip Fl 2(1 mm long |RepplI.WCS*/PM| msTKiiir rioN; Mevico, Quereiaro, Jalpan

Mammillaria schiedeana Ehrenb. Heads to 10 cm high by 4 cm. clustering, spines soft; II in autumn. [CS/W|

Dis I Klltt hon: Mexico, Hidalgo. Puente de Dios and Barrancas around Mctztitlan.

Mammillaria schumannii Ilildm.

Heads to 1.1 cm long by 4.5 cm, strongly clumping. Fl 4 cm acmss. v. globosa Wolfis solitary, globose, 4 5 cm across, with shorter spination ((.'alio San l.ucas). |CSAV|

DISTRIBI HON; Mexico. Baja California, near San Jose del Calto and between liahia de las 1'ilmas and Cabo San I .ocas.

Oil IKK NVXIKS. Hart» hfl tu uhumavnil.

Mammillaria schvvar/ii Shurly

I leads 2 -im across, c umping, Spines glassy-while, often tipped reddish-brown. |CS/i)HS| DisTKiiii no\: Mexico, N Guanajuato.

Mammillaria senilis |attrib. to I.odd. h>| S-D

Heads globular to cylindric, up lo 15 cm high by 10 cm forming large mounds. |CS/PMJ oistriiil 11on; Mexico, from Chihuahua through the high Sierra Madre S lo Jalisco.

OTHER NAMES. Mamillopsis senilis Probably W diguelii originally Wdmillopsis difuctii.

Mammillaria scrippsiana (IJ. & R.) Orcutt

Solitary or dumping, lo 29 crti high by H.5 cm, rsp 6-10, csp 1 2. FI pink. \. pscudoscrippsiana (Bkbg.) Repp, has cream ll with reddish-brow n mi (Ls I ripe (Ahuacatlan, Nayarii) |K91/1P/KJ

distribution: Mexico. Numerous localiiics in Jalisco and Nayarii and Irom Santa Rosa in Zacatecas. other names: .If. ortegae, .Vf. .(rip. v. auilanensis. \. pscudoscrip.: Vf. pseudnscnf^sianu

Mammillaria sctispina

(Coulter) K. Hrandegee

I leads up to 30 cm high b\ (t en, strongly clustering. I I red, 5 cm long. |CS/PM|

DislRlitt ll« i\: Mexico, Baja California, San Julio Canyon, near San Borgia.

Mammillaria sempervivi DC.

Solitary later clumping, heads lo over 7 cm broad, spherical to elongated. Csp 2 4. FI dirix white with pink midstripc. |CS/K|

disiriiiition. Mexico. Hidalgo, /imapan to Ycittdos. o'lliek names: -vf. jemp. t Utraeantha, M. fuput-medusae, Vf. xmp. v. (aput-med.

Mammillaria shcldonii (B. & R.) Boed.

Stems to 10 cm high by 3 cm, clumping |SB545/CS/PM| disiriih hon Mexico, Sonora. I lermasillo ti» N Sinaloa. other namt s: .''.If. guelih-manniana, i*.Vf. ptimobemis.

Mammillaria sinistrohamata Bocd. Solitary, (clumping in cultivaiion), heads tu 4.5 cm across, globose. Closely related to M. mcrcadensis. |CS/\Y| I »ls I Kim nov Mexico, NF. /acatccas.

Mammillaria solisioides Iikbg.

Solitary in habitat, clustering in cultivation, stems to (> cm high and 5 cm across. |CS/GC| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Puebla, S <1 Pctlal/ingo. o t Hl R \V\II s. W. patinijera fa. vaIhiutdet.

Mammillaria silvatica Repp.

Bod)' to cm high by (I cm. solitary or clumping, rsp I1' 24.3-8 mm long, glassy white; csp 2 5. 0- 2(1 mm long, bmwu. I I 1(1 12 mm broad, carmine \ member of the M. spinosissima complex. |Rcppl003/IP/Repp| IMS I Kiltt hon: Mexico, Jalisco, l.os Cerrilos.

Mammillaria sonorensis Craig Heads globose, to 8 cm across, dumping. Rsp 8-15, 1-20 mm. csp I 4,5-45 mm. |K243/IP/K| ims l rlltt hon: Mexico, in the region where Sonora. Chihuahua and Sinalua meet ohok nvxll-.s. II. hfKiuana.

Mammillaria sphacclata Man.

Stems cvlindric to 20 cm longbv 3 cm, dumping. | K226-1 /

distribution: Mexico, around Tehuacan, Puebla and S into adjaccnt Oaxaca.

Mammillaria sphacrica Dietr.

I leads flanened-globose to 5 cm acriss, dumping. Fl 0 cm across. ICS/P.MI

disiklht hon SF. Texas into Tamiulipas, Mexico oi itl.k v\.xi».s: dolitholhfu iftkamru.

Mammillaria spinosissima Lem.

Clustering, stems in 30 cm or marc high hy 10 cm, spines very variable in colour from w hihsh through yellowish-brown, pink or reddish-brown to ruhv-rcd. |Repp772/CS/PM|

DISTRIBI IIDM Mexico: Mexico 1)1"; Morclos and S into

Guerrero in scattered localities on cliffs.

OTHER NWIls: If. auncma, If. jhnxi, It Uadiwat.

Mammillaria subducta v. dasyacantha (Hunt) Repp.

Heads to 5 cm across, stronglv clumping in cultivation. Spines relatively soft. |l.|

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico. Tamaulipas. between Ciudad Victoria and laumave. OI Hi K NAMES: At lau.t fa dasracanihu

Mammillaria standleyi (H. & R.) Orcult

Solitary, to 10 cm across, dcprcssod-sphcrical |\Y| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Sonera, near Alamos.

Mammillaria supcrtcxta Mart, ex Pfeift. Solitary, lo 12.5 cm high by <J.5 cm. |K5/IP/K| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico. N Oixaca and adjacent Puebla. O'lHUt NAMES: M. lunula, M martmezu.

Mammillaria subducta (Hunt) Repp.

Solitary orspanngb clumping, headsio 7 cm across. Spines hard. |"CS/PM|

DISTRIBUTION. Mexico, Tamaulipas, between Gudad Victoria and Jaumave. ol III R NAMES; if laun fa. sukdurta.

Mammillaria surculosa Hoed. Heads to 2 cm across, slrongb ullseiting lo form mats

I IIS I Kill! HON. Mevico Tamaulipas, Mupuhuana and San I uis Polusi, between I lui/achc and Tula, o 11 II J< N \MI s Ihdtiholhrlr \ur, ulnui

Mammillaria swinglei (B. & R.) Hoed.

Stems to 30 cm high In 5 cm, sparingly clustering from the hase |I.MW»/CS/I'M|

disikihi iio\: Mexico, Sonora, (iuaymas.

Mammillaria tayloriorum Glass & Foster

Stems globose to cylindric to 25 cm high hy 11 cm, eventually clustering. |K242/IP/K|

Dis i Rim Hon. Mexico. Sonora, Isla San Pedro Nolasco.

Mammillaria tcgclbcrgiana

Gates ex Lindsay

Solitarv (clumping in cultivation) stems to 9 cm tall hy 6 cm.

DIS i KIHI 'l Ion. Mexico, Chiapas. \\ of (Xwocautla and other sites; S ()axaca.

Mammillaria tcsopaccnsis Craig Solitary, spherical to oblong, to IX cm high by 13 cm. I I cream or pink (i. ruhrijiara, illus.). Possibb only a form «>1 M. sonorvnsis. |K179/IP/K| Dis i kii:i iion Mexico, Sonora, near Tesopaco.

Mammillaria tctrancistra Knglm.

Stems to 25 cm high by 7.5 cm. clustering. |CS/K) DISlkiul iion: California mar San Felipe, otherwise widely distributed in S\V USA and NW Mexico, ol ill K NAM! s: Phdimpmna trtranastra

Mammillaria there sac C.utak

Stem to 4 cm high by 2 cm, sparingly clustering. |IP/(iC|

DisiKiiuriiov Mexico. Durango, F. slope of Coneto Mts.

OTIIKK NVXItS: If. submit v. thercsat

Mammillaria thornbcri Orcutt

Stems cvlindric, to 10 cm high by 2,5 cm, densely clustering. |CS/PM|

distribuib)\: S Arizona and Mexico, \ Sonora i ithkk names: If. fasaruluta.

Mammillari tlalocii Repp.

Solitan , to 20 cm high bv 7 cm. II not opening widely, 8-10 mm across, carmine |l.l 1(W/IP/K|

distribution: Mexico, Oaxaea, liarranca Ixcatlan.

Mammillaria tonalcnsis D.R. Hunt

Slender cxlmdric, to 12 cm or more lung by 3 cm, FI 12 mm across, petals carmine with whitish margins, |IP/\V] distribution: Mexico, Oaxaea, I'ucntc dc Tonala.

Mammillaria tropica Repp.

Stem to 10 cm high by 8 cm, forming large clumps; spines 4(-5), glassy yellow tipped brown. FI yellowish, 1.5 cm broad. Closely related to M. knippcliana. |Kcpp677/l l|

distribution: Mexico, Jalisco, Tomatlan.

Mammillaria uncinata Zuc. ex Pfeifi".

Stems depressed-globus-•, to 10 cm across, occasionally offsetting sparingly from the base. |P.VI26/HS/PM| distribution: Mexico, Hidalgo, near Pachuca and widely distributed in CS Mexico.

Mammillaria vallensis Repp. Clumping, body to 6 cm high by 8 cm; rsp 2 3, I - 3 mm long; rsp I, 1-4.5 cm long. v. brexispina Repp (lower illus. | Repp 1119/CS/PMI) is solitary; rsp 4 -6. csp I. 5 - 20 mm long (Tamaulipas, Abra Celcva). |Rcppl117/IP/Rcpp)

distribution: Mexico, San I.uis Potosi, Abra/Vallcs.

Mammillaria variabilis Repp.

Stem to H cm high by 4 cm, clumping; rsp 14-10, 6- III mm long, while; csp 4-9, 7 10 mm long, the lowest longot and hooked, all glavsy while to reddish- or dark-brown. Fl 12 10 mm broad, whitish, \cllowish or pinkish. |Rcppl393/IP/Rcpp|

dimribi hon: Mexico, Guanajuato, \bsylon.

Mammillaria vicrcckii Bocd.

Stems to 5 cm high by 4 cm, sparingly clumping. Related to

ixsiRiiti'i ion: Mexico, Taraaulipas, near Nogalcs.

Mammillaria varieaculeata Buchenau

Stems to 13 cm high by 0 cm lorming large clumps. 1*1 17-18 m long, reddish-purple. [KI45-I/IP/K| DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Puebla, S of Chibc.

Mammillaria vipcrina Purpus

Stems slendcr-cylindric, to 2 cm across. 11 11 mm long, light carmine, not opening widely. Probably only an extreme southern form of M. sphacvlata. |! IS/PMJ distribution: Mexico, Pu;bla, Rio de Zapotitlan

Mammillaria vetula Mart.

Stem»; to 4 cm across, clustering. Fl 12 mm «crocs, dirty yellowish-cream. |W|

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Hidalgo, San Jose del Oro. OTHER NAMES: M. kuentziana, M. magnctiiola.

Mammillaria virginis Fittkau & Kladiwa Usually solitary , to 25 cm high by 8 cm. A member of the complex of plants centred on M. spinosissinta. [CS/W] distribution: Mexico, (iucrrcro, near Ancon.

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