Gymnocalycium fcrrarii Rausch

Single. Ilaltened-globular, 3-4 em high by 9 cm greenish-grey. FI 4.5 cm long and 3.5 cm across, whitish-pink with pink midstnpe. throat pink |IP/DHS|

l»isi°riih'iion: \rgtniina. Catamaaa, near Santa Theiesa.

66 GVMNOCM YCll \1

Gymnocalycium llcischcrianum Bkbg.

Spherical in elongated. occasionally offsetting. I 'l up to 4 cm long, white with a pink throat. |CS/GC]

DLSiRllit HON: Paraguay

Gymnocalycium Glaucum P36

Gymnocalycium glaucum Kitt.

Slow-growing, up to 12 em across. 1*1 up in 4.5 cm across, white with darker midstnpe (P36/IP/DHS| oisikiiu Tiov \ \rgentina, SK of Tinogasta.

Gymnocalycium fricdrichii Pa/out

Bod\ reddish brown with sharpb antflcd ribs, marked with distinctive horizontal banding. PJowcrs pink. |CS/( i(.|

dislkiin mo\: Paraguayan Chaco.

Gymnocalycium Glaucum P36

'Gymnocalycium griscnpallidum' Bkbg.

Hody pale greyish-green up to fi.5 cm across and 5 cm high, later forming offsets. I I nff-whitc, similar to those ol O. danisii |C;S/(iC|

oisikiiu mo\: Bolivia, salt dunes near San Jose.

Gymnocalycium gibbosum (llaw.) I'lcifT.

\ very variable spccirs, bod) spherical hi donated, up to f> cm high bv 15 cm. varvinti from green lu black, spines thin. II up to (t 5 cm long, whitish |IMU1/IP/I)HS| oisikiiu hon: S \rgenlina, widespread.

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