Fcrocactus wislicni Knglm B R

Solitary , to 1.6 m high by 80 cm. Fl orange to red. v. herrerae (|.(i. Ortega) N.P. Taylor, to 2 m by 45 cm, less spiny (S Sonora, N Sinaloa, \\ Durango). v. tibur-onensis Lindsay; 11 yellow, from Tiburon Island. |ll| DISTRIBl HON: SW USA and NAN Mexico. OTHKK WMI S: vars: F hcrrirce. /'. lihumttftuis.

Frailca castanca Bkbg. Solitary. fl 4 cm broad. |IP/RM| distribution: S Brazil to N Uruguay. other names: F. aslerioiJei.


Frailea eolumbiana (Werd.) Bkbg. Clumping, 11 2.5 cm lung. |CS/pM| DISIKIIU lĂ­os: Said tobe from Colombia (Dagua) bul never rediscovered despite considerable searching, o i ni k NNMKS: iF. tkn^tanlha.

Frailea grahliana (llaage jr.) B. & R. Clumping, stems lo 4 cm across. Kl 4 cm wide. |CS/1\\1| DISIKIIH nos: Paraguay, Rio I'araguan and Argentina, Misiones. Santa Ana.

on IIR NAMES; ?/'. picudufrahĂșana, :F. ithilinzkyana.

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