Fcrocactus macrodiscus Mart B R

Solilan, flattened, lo 40 cm across, ribs 13 35. II3 4 cm across, purplish-pink with white petal nargins A form with fewer, more pronounced ribs from (iuanajuato is in trade and deserves a name. Flowers well in cultivation. (II. from Oaxacal disikiiu iion: Mexico,Oasaca.

Fcrocactus pcninsulac (W eber) B. & R. Solitary. lo 2.5 m high b. 50 cm. v. tovvnscmiianus (II. & K.) VP. Tavlor, smaller rarely to I m (S Haja California). \. santa-maria (ii. & r.) N.P. Fay lor (see plate); globular, to 60 cm high, spines stnui, tree-llowenng (Isla Magdalena & adjacent mainland). |CS/PM| disikiiu Hon: Mexico,C and F. Baja California (illikk nvxikv v. towns.: /'. tnwnxndiams. x. santa-maria: /•'. tarns, v. sania-m

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