Fcrocactus latispiuus Haw B R

Solitary. Ui .ill cm high by 4K) cm. Fl 4 cm across, purplish or yellow, v. spiralis (karv ex PfeilT.) \.P. Taylor; more cylindnc, II smaller, whit sh with pinkish midstripes (Puebla to S <>a\aca) |ll|

dimriiution: Very widespread in C Mexico. oihkr nvnits: v. spiralis: /' nrumu.

Fcrocactus lindsavi II. Bravo-H. Solitary, in 60 cm high and 4(1 cm wide. Fl yellow. |H| DIS IKIIU'HON: Mexico, Mahoican, of Rio Balsas basin, SK of Apatringan.

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