Fcrocactus gracilis II Gates

Solitary, to 3 m high by 30 cm Fl red. x. coloratus ((rates) (i. I indsay (illus.) is shorter and thicker (S Raja California) r gatcsii (i. I .indsay may be only an island form of F. gracilis. |ll|

DISTRIBUTION: Mexico, Central \ ftaja California. OTHKR WXiKs: x. coloratus: F. color., F. liscainensts, F. [xvin>uh( i'. inc.

Fcrocactus histrix (DC) G. I.indsay Soliiarx, to 110 ern high bv «0 cm. Fl vcllow. |PM35/HS/ PM|

DISTRIBUTION; Widespread in C Mexico. OTHKR NAMES: 'F. clutracanthus

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