Fcrocactus cvlindraccus iKnglm Orcutt

L sually military, to 3 m high by 50 cm. 1*1 green or yellow. >. Iccontci (Knglm.) II. Bravo-ll., \. east wood iae (Ik-ttson) N.P. l ay lor & v. tortulispinus ((iatcs) 11 Bravo-ll. differ mainlv in spination. I. johnstonianus B \ K is pmbabh a dwarf island race. |MS/P.M| dim rim. iion: SW ISA and N\\ Yexieo oihirwmis: F uiunihnJrt & van.,?, mm. v. tortulispinus F ¬°uniiluipirnu.

Fcrocactus cchidnc (DC) B. cN R. Very variable, 35-80 cm high bv 20-30 cm. I I occasionally red. Seed-raised plants flower well in cultivation. |CS/PM|

DislRim iion: Widespread in F.C Mexico.

oimi.k n x"xii >: F. rafaetmsis, /'. riuklamhu) \ F. vkioricnsis.

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