Echinoccrcus pcCtitUs Schcidw Knglm

Rsp 22-30, not interlaced. I'l arc pinkish to lavender in colour with a maroon to white ihroai. v. wenigeri Benson, endemic to Texas, has fewer r>p (14-20). | UK 1129/1 IS/ GC|

distrliu i ion N Mexico over a huge range northwards into S Texas.

Echinoccrcus pcntalophus (DC) Lcm. Ribs 4 5, spines 3 7; \. leonensis (Mathsson) N.P Taylor from NT. Mexico has 6-i ribs anil up to ') spines per areole Fl similar to the specks. |PMS2/I IS/PM) oimkiih iion: C io NF. Mexico, S Texas. oi iii K n wit s A priHumbcns, L Ooitahiphus j prwvmlvn>, A. tulcnsis. L balamlu rt sensu Wtnigcr. \. leonensis. E. leonmis.

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