Echinoccrcus pcctinatus v dasvacanthus Engim NP Taylor

Rsp 15 -25, interlaced. Fl usuallv yellow but sometimes whitish, orange, pink or purplish. 11 IK 11 14/HS/(>C| DISTRIlit HON: \ Mexico; Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.

o i in k Nvxit.s: li JatYtminihui, H pnunalu* :. ruvmcximnus tiiuJ I fHYiin.itiis r. (trnniJfĂ­.

Echinoccrcus parkcri N.P. Taylor Clumping, stems to 6 cm a:ross. Fl to 6 cm across, magenta tu deep pink, throat white v. gonzalezii N.P. Taylor (illus.); stems slimmer, mure densely spiny (SK Nuevo

I.eon, S\Y Tamaulipas and N San l.uis Potosi).


ins i Kim iion: Mexico, SI" Nuevo l.eon.

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