U S Nat Herb 13 310


Tree-like, 5 to 6 meters high, the main branches nearly erect; joints obovate to orbicular, 15 to 20 cm. long, more or less glaucous, especially in dried specimens; leaves minute, caducous; areoles small, 3 to 3.5 cm. apart; spines 4 to 6, very unequal, 2 cm. long or less, rose-colored at first, soon becoming white, spreading, the larger ones flattened; glochids brown; flower 3.5 cm. long; petals carmine; style red; stigma-lobes 8 to 11, bright green; fruit 4 cm. long, strongly tuberculate, not edible.

Fig. 229.—Opuntia deamii.

Type locality: Near Guatemala City. Distribution: Suburbs of Guatemala City, Guatemala. Illustration: Contr. U. S. Nat. Herb. 13: pl. 66. Figure 230 represents a joint of the type specimen.

Continue reading here: Opuntia inaequilateralis Berger Bot Jahrb Engler 36 453 1905

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