Opuntia undulata Griffiths Rep Mo Bot Gard 22 32 1912

Opuntia undosa Griffiths, Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 23: 139. 1913.

"Plant tall, large, stout, open-branching, with cylindrical trunk, often 30 cm. or more in diameter; joints very large, obovate, broadly rounded above, widest above middle, commonly 35 by 55 cm., firm, hard, quite fibrous, dished, wavy or flat, glossy light yellowish green at first, but changing through a darker green with a slight touch of glaucous to scurfy brown on old trunks; leaves sub-circular in section, subulate, pointed, usually tinged with red at the tip, about 4 mm. long, upon a prominent tubercle and subtending a prominent dark-brown areole; areoles subcircular to ellipsoid or obovate, about 3.5 by 4.5 mm., gray, 5 to 6 cm. apart; spicules yellow in a short, compact tuft in upper part of areole, about 1 mm. long, soon becoming dirty and inconspicuous; spines white, few, short, erect, flattened, straight or twisted, 10 to 15 mm. long, 1 to 3 or 4, mostly one or none; fruit large, 4 to 5 by 9 to 10 cm., dull red to slightly tinged with orange and pulp streaked with red and orange when rind is removed."

Type locality: Described from cultivated plant obtained at Aguascalientes, Mexico.

Distribution: Mexico.

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