Opuntia schumannii Weber in Berger Gard Chron III 35 34 1904

Bushy, 1 to 2 meters high; joints obovate to oblong, 1.5 to 2.5 cm. long, dull dark green; areoles distant, medium sized; spines 2 to 10, slightly spreading, very unequal, the longest ones 4.5 cm. long, more or less twisted, flattened, dark brown; glochids few, soon disappearing; flowers 6 cm. long, yellowish to orange, turning in age to dull red; ovary tuberculate, spineless, deeply, umbilicate; fruit dark purple, turgid, juicy, deeply umbilicate, 5 cm. long.

Type locality: Not cited.

Distribution: Northern South America; sometimes assigned to Argentina.

Opuntia schumannii is described by Berger as being intermediate between Opuntia and Nopalea, and according to him, it has long stamens and upright petals; otherwise it has little in common with Nopalea; a plant from Santa Clara, Colombia, which agrees with plants of O. schumannii from La Mortola, Italy, has a normal Opuntia flower.

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