Opuntia nashii Britton Bull N V Bot Gard 3 446 1905

Tree-like, or sometimes bushy, dull green; main axis round, 1 to 4 meters high, 5 to 12 cm. in diameter, spiny; branches flat or, becoming round below, the principal ones continuous, 1 meter long or more, 6 cm. wide or less, crenate, blunt; lateral branches opposite or alternate, oblong to linear-oblong, often 3 dm. long, and 8 cm. wide, only about 6 mm. thick, blunt, crenate; areoles 1 to 3 cm. apart, slightly elevated; spines mostly 5 at each areole (2 to 5), divergent, slender, straight, light gray, pungent, the longer 3 to 6 cm. long; glochids very small, brownish; ovary 3 cm. long, 1.5 cm. thick, somewhat clavate, tubercled, the tubercles bearing areoles and spines similar to those of the joints, but the spines somewhat shorter; flowers 1.5 cm. broad when expanded, red; petals broadly oval to obovate, blunt, about 8 mm. long, much longer than the stamens.

Type locality: Inagua, Bahamas.

Distribution: Andros, Crooked Island, Fortune Island, At-wood Cay, Caicos Islands, Turks Islands, Ship Channel Cay, and Inagua, Bahamas.

Figure 252 is from a photograph of a plant at Matthew Town, Inagua, Bahamas, taken by George V. Nash, in 1904; figure 253 is from a photograph of a plant from the same place in the collection of the New York Botanical Garden.

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