Opuntia megarhiza Rose Contr U S Nat Herb 10 126 1906

Roots long and thickened, sometimes 3 to 6 dm. long, 5 to 6 cm. in diameter; stems low, 2 to 3 dm. high, much branched; lower joints elongated, 2 to 3 dm. long, cuneate below, thin, 3 cm. broad; lateral joints appearing along the margins of the older joints and often, if not always, in the same plane; spines 2 to 4, acicular, 1 to 2.5 cm. long, brown; leaves minute; flowers lemon-yellow, often tinged with rose, 5 cm. broad; petals about 13, obovate, mucronately tipped; stigma-lobes 7, greenish; ovary clavate, 3 cm. long; fruit and seeds unknown.

Type locality: Alvarez, Mexico. Distribution: San Luis Potosí, Mexico. This species is not very closely related to the other species of this series, but it is referred here on account NU^^fïïl^h^ f 'À / 7 of its very slender spines. / J\íA \ I &

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