Opuntia brunnescens sp nov

Usually low and prostrate, sometimes 1 meter high, without a definite trunk, usually forming a bushy clump; joints oblong to orbicular, 15 to 30 cm. long, smooth, dull green, except the purple blotches about the prominent areoles; spines 2 to 5, brownish, porrect or pointing forward, up to 4.5 cm. long, stout, sometimes twisted.

Hills about the city of Córdoba, Argentina, where it was collected by Rose and Russell, September 8, 1915 (No. 21029).

This species is very common on the dry hills about Córdoba, where it is often associated with Opuntia sulphurea. It apparently extends northward into Jujuy.

Figure 187 represents a joint of the type specimen above cited; figure 188 shows its fruit collected by Dr. Shafer (No. 78).

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