Opuntia boldinghii sp nov

Bushy, 2 meters high; joints dull green, somewhat glaucous, obovate, 2 cm. long, spineless or with very short brown spines; leaves conic, red, 2 to 3 mm. long; areoles large, elevated, filled with short brown wool; flowers rose-colored, 5 cm. long; petals obtuse; filaments pink, much shorter than the petals; style nearly white; stigma-lobes yellowish; fruit obovate, 4 cm. long, spineless; seeds 4 mm. in diameter.

Collected by Dr. N. L. Britton and Dr. J. A. Shafer, March 1913, in cultivation on Curaçao (No. 2905, type); also collected by H. Pittier around El Palito, Venezuela, July 2, 1913 (No. 6450), and by Dr. Rose in a hedge at Valencia, Venezuela, October 27, 1916 (No. 21842).

This species is named in honor of Dr. I. Boldingh, a Dutch botanist, author of a valuable descriptive flora of the Dutch West Indian islands.

Plate xxvi, figure 3, shows a flowering joint, of a specimen obtained by Dr. Britton and Dr. Shafer in Curaçao in 1913.

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