Opuntia ballii Rose Contr U S Nat Herb 13 309


Plants low, spreading; joints obovate, 6 to 10 cm. long, if ^ thickish, pale green, glaucous; spines 2 to 4, brownish, a little j 3 flattened, usually ascending or erect, the larger ones 4 to 7 cm. long; glochids conspicuous; fruit small, about 2 cm. long, clavate, glaucous, spineless; seeds thick, 3.5 mm. broad.

T-,.;;., t-) T-) j. nr Fig. 172.—O. ballii. Part of type. X0.5.

Type locality: Pecos, Reeves County, Texas. ' Jt D

Distribution: Western Texas.

Wooton and Standley in their Flora of New Mexico refer this species to Opuntia filipendula, but O. ballii grows in a different habitat, has smaller fruit, stouter and erect spines, and different areoles; it grows on the dry mesa beyond Pecos, Texas.

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