Opuntia atropes Rose Smiths Misc Coil 50 518 1908

Plant 1 to 3 meters high, much branched; joints oblong to obovate, 20 to 30 cm. long, deep green, softly pubescent; young joints somewhat glossy, leaves 4 to 5 mm. long, acuminate, pubescent, standing almost at right angles to the joints, the tips reddish, areoles circular, filled with short tawny wool; young spines white or yellowish; old spines 3 to 6 cm. long, somewhat angled, standing almost at right angles to the joints, dark yellow or brown at the base, much lighter, often white above; glochids numerous, long, yellow; petals reddish; ovary pubescent, covered with large cushion like areoles bearing long glochids near the top but with few spines or none, truncate at apex.

Type locality: Lava beds near Yautepec, Morelos, Mexico.

Distribution: Central Mexico.

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