Key to Species

Ultimate joints short, usually at right angles to the branches, 4 to 7 mm. thick. Bushy plants, 1.5 meters high or less; fruit small, fertile. Branches scarcely if at all tuberculate.

Leaves ovoid to ovoid-subulate; young areoles long-hairy 2. O. mortolensis

Leaves linear; areoles not long-hairy 3. O. leptocaulis

Branches long-tuberculate 4. O. tesajo

Elongated plants, up to 2 meters long; fruit larger, sterile 5. O. caribaea

Ultimate joints longer, 8 to 15 mm. thick, usually at an acute angle to the branches.

Joints only slightly tuberculate 6. O. arbuscula

Joints manifestly tuberculate 7. O. kleiniae

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