Key to Species

Joints merely finely puberulent or glabrous; spines 1.5 cm. long or less; ovary velvety 184. O. durangensis

Joints distinctly pubescent; spines 2 to 3 cm. long. Petals red.

Style shorter than the petals .185. O. atropes Style as long as the petals. . . 186. O. affinis Petals yellow.

Spines acicular, at first yellow, soon white 187. O. macdougaliana

Spines subulate.

Petals retuse; areoles of ovary many, approximate 188. O. velutina

Petals mucronate; areoles of ovary few, distant 189. O. wilcoxii

184. Opuntia durangensis Britton and Rose, Smiths. Misc. Coll. 50: 518. 1908. Joints broadly obovate, about 20 cm. long, 16 cm. broad, pale green, glabrous or minutely puberulent, bearing numerous areoles; areoles 1 to 2 cm. apart, elevated; spines 3 to 5 at an areole, short, 1.5 cm. long or less, pungent, spreading, yellow, but in age becoming darker; glochids brown, 2 to 3 mm. long; flowers yellow, 5 cm. long; petals broad, apiculate; ovary 3 to 4 cm. long, finely pubescent, bearing many areoles with numerous glochids and a few spines; fruit white or red; seeds about 3 mm. broad.

Type locality: Near Durango, Mexico. Distribution: Central Mexico.

This species was collected by the late Dr. E. Palmer in 1912, but he did not record the size and habit of the plant. The joints suggest a large, bushy species. Figure 208 represents a joint, of the type specimen.

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