Key to Species

Areoles of the joints distant, 2 to 4 cm. apart. Spines few, 3 cm. long or less, or none.

Areoles elevated, bearing 2 to 5 grayish spines 3 to 6 cm. long 229. O. nashii

Areoles scarcely elevated, spineless or with 1 to 4 weak yellow spines 1 to 2 cm. long 230. O. bahamana

Spines, when present, many, the older up to 12 cm. long 231. O. macracantha

Areoles of the joints closer together, 1 to 1.5 cm. apart. Spines of the trunk-areoles, or most of them, deflexed.

Young spines straw-colored or whitish; plant up to 5 m. tall 232. O. spinosissima

Young spines purple; plant 6 dm. high or less 233. O. millspaughii

Spines of the trunk-areoles, when present, spreading.

Joints distinctly reticulate-areolate, light green; ovary prominently tuberculate 234. O. moniliformis

Joints indistinctly reticulate-areolate, mostly dark green or reddish; ovary low-tuberculate . . 235. O. rubescens

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