Key to Species

Joints elongated 132. O. megarhiza

Joints obovate to orbicular.

Fruit small, 2 cm. long or less 133. O. ballii

Fruit large 2.5 to 6 cm. long.

Flowers red to purple 134. O. pottsii

Flowers yellow.

Areoles large, more or less elevated on old joints; joints glaucous, purplish about the areoles 135. O. setispina

Areoles small; mature joints green throughout.

Joints usually orbicular; seeds 5 to 6 mm. broad 136. O. mackensenii

Joints obovate; seeds 4 mm. broad or less 137. O. tenuispina

Continue reading here: Opuntia megarhiza Rose Contr U S Nat Herb 10 126 1906

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