Key to Species

Joints very spiny.

Spines not banded.

Areoles surrounded by a purple blotch 153. O. brunnescens

Areoles not surrounded by a purple blotch.

Spines setaceous; petals yellow 154. O. galapageia

Spines, when present, acicular or subulate; petals mostly red or orange.

Joints strongly undulate; spines short, stout 155. O. delaetiana

Joints not undulate or scarcely undulate.

Joints bluish green, glaucous 156. O. bergeriana

Joints bright green, not glaucous or slightly glaucous Spines, at least on young joints, acicular, slender.

Spines, when present, dark brown or blackish; joints dull 157. O. elatior

Spines light brown to straw-colored.

Spines up to 5 cm. long; joints shining 158. O. hanburyana

Spines 3 cm. long or less; joints dull.

Flowers 12 to 15 mm. wide; spines 1 to 4 at an areole or wanting 159. O. quitensis

Flowers 5 to 6 cm. wide; spines up to 10 at an areole 159a. O. soederstromiana

Spines subulate, stout; joints shining 160. O. schumannii

Spines acicular; petals yellow; joints shining [in this series?] 161. O. fuliginosa

Spines distinctly banded; joints dark green, obscurely glaucous 161a. O. zebrina

Joints usually spineless.

Bushy, I to 2 meters high; flowers rose 162. O. boldinghii

Erect, 3 to 4 meters high; flowers orange-red 163. O. distans

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