Lobivia thionanthus Spegazzini

Echinocactus thionanthus Spegazzini, Anal. Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires III. 4: 499. 1905. Plants usually solitary, globular to short-cylindric, grayish green, 5 to 12 cm. high, 6 to 10 cm. in diameter; ribs usually 14, low, slightly undulate and divided into indistinct tubercles; areoles short-elliptic; spines subulate, grayish or with brownish tip, about equal, 10 to 15 mm.

long; flowers obconic, 4.5 cm. long, not odorous; inner perianth-segments yellowish, 15 mm. long, elliptic, the apex subretuse or mucronate; filaments yellow; style greenish white; stigma-lobes 12, flesh-colored, a ring of dense brownish hairs within the flower-tube, below the stamens; ovary and flower-tube covered with scales, each with a reflexed cartilaginous somewhat pungent apex, very woolly in their axils.

Type locality: Near Cachi, province of Salta, Argentina.

Distribution: Known only from the type locality.

Figure 74 is from a photograph contributed by Dr. Spegazzini.

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