Lobivia shaferi sp nov

Cespitose, at first globose, becoming cylindric, 7 to 15 cm. high, 2.5 to 4 cm. in diameter, densely covered with spines; ribs about 10, very low; areoles approximate; radial spines 10 to 15, acicular, white or brown, 1 cm. long or less; central spines several, one often much stouter than the others, 3 cm. long; buds very hairy; flowers 4 to 6 cm. long, funnelform, bright yellow, the tube stout, the limb 3 to 4 cm. broad; scales on ovary and flower-tube linear to ovate-linear, acute, their axils bearing long white hairs; style greenish white; stigma-lobes cream-colored.

Collected by J. A. Shafer in hillside thickets, Andalgala, province of Catamarca, Argentina, December 19, 1916 (No. 16).

Dr. Shafer says that this plant grows in firm leaf-mold underneath and entangled in shrubbery.

Figure 69 is from a photograph taken by Dr. Shafer at Andalgala; figure 66 shows a flower.

Denmoza White Spines

Fig. 68.—Lobivia cachensis.

Fig. 67.—Lobivia boliviensis.

Fig. 68.—Lobivia cachensis.

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