Lobivia saltensis Spegazzini

Echinopsis saltensis Spegazzini, Anal. Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires III. 4: 487. 1905.

Plants at first simple but becoming densely cespitose, light green, shining; ribs 17 or 18, low, obtuse, crenate; spines all short and straight; radial spines 12 to 14, 4 to 6 mm. long; central spines 1 to 4, stouter than the radials, 10 to 12 mm. long; flowers on the side of the plant near the middle, inodorous, 4 cm. long; perianth-segments red, short, obovate, 10 to 12 mm. long, obtuse; scales on ovary naked in their axils (according to Spegazzini).

Type locality: Near Amblaio, Argentina.

Distribution: Between Tucuman and Salta, Argentina.

Spegazzini also gives the name Echinocactus saltensis (Anal. Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires III. 4: 487. 1905), but does not formally publish it.

We know the plant only from a photograph and from the description; the character of the ovary-scales being without hairs in their axils is unusual in the genus. It is described as being only 6.5 cm. high.

Figure 70 is from a photograph contributed by Dr. Spegazzini.

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