Lobivia pampana sp nov

More or less cespitose; plants globular, 5 to 7 cm. in diameter; ribs 17 to 21, more or less undulate; areoles distant, white-felted when young, very spiny except in cultivated plants and then often spineless; spines 5 to 20, often more or less curved, acicular, often 5 cm. long, pu-berulent; flowers 5.5 to 6 cm. long, red; outer perianth-segments linear-oblong, acuminate; inner perianth-segments oblong, acute to acuminate; scales on the ovary and fruit ovate, 4 to 6 mm. long, acuminate, with long white hairs in their axils.

Collected by J. N. Rose on the Pampa de Arrieros, southern Peru, August 23, 1914 (No. 18966).

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