Lobivia longispina sp nov

Globose to cylindric, 10 cm. in diameter, up to 25 cm. high, bluish green; ribs 25 to 50, rather low, deeply undulate, broken into acute tubercles 1 to 2 cm. long; spines 10 to 15, slender, elongated, nearly straight, the longest 7 to 8 cm. long, yellowish to brown; flowers funnelform, about 4 cm. long, slender, very hairy, the hairs long and white; limb short; fruit broadly obovoid, about 2 cm. thick, its scales distant, ovate, acuminate, 3 to 4 mm. long.

Denmoza White Spines
Fig. 66.—Lobivia longispina.

Collected by J. A. Shafer in crevices of rocks at La Quiaca, Jujuy, Argentina, altitude 3,450 meters, February 3, 1917 (No. 83).

We have studied living plants brought by Dr. Shafer to the New York Botanical Garden. Figure 64 is from a photograph of the type specimen; figure 65 shows the fruit.

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