Lobivia lateritia Grke

Echinopsis lateritia Gürke, Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 17: 151. 1907.

Simple, nearly globular or a little longer than broad, glaucous-green, 7.5 cm. high; ribs 18, broad at base, acute, more or less undulate, about 1 cm. high; areoles 1 to 2 cm. apart; radial spines 9 or 10, more or less curved, 10 mm. long, brownish; central spines 1 or 2, more or less curved upward, much longer than the radials, somewhat thickened at base; flowers 3 to 5 cm. long, short-funnelform, scarlet to brick-red; inner perianth-segments oblong, acute; scales on the ovary and flower-tube lanceolate, acute, bearing blackish hairs in their axils: filaments red; stigma-lobes 7 or 8.

Type locality: Bolivia.

Distribution: Bolivia.

Illustration: Blühende Kakteen 2: pl. 120, as Echinopsis lateritia.

Plate v, figure 4, shows a plant collected by Dr. Rose at La Paz, Bolivia, in 1914, which flowered the next year at the New York Botanical Garden; this plant differs a little from the one shown in the illustration above cited.

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