Lobivia grandiflora sp nov

Globose to short-cylindric, 7.5 to 10 cm. in diameter, 15 to 20 cm. long; ribs about 14; areoles about 1 cm. apart; spines about 15, slender, subulate, about 1 cm. long, yellowish; flowers funnelform, 10 cm. long; perianth-segments narrow, acuminate, 4 to 5 cm. long, pink; scales on the ovary narrow, 10 to 12 mm. long, a little hairy in their axils.

Collected by J. A. Shafer between Andalgala and ConcepciĆ³n, Argentina, December 28, 1916, altitude 1,750 meters (No. 28).

The showy pink flowers of this plant are larger than those of any of the other species which we have included in this genus.

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