Lobivia bruchii sp nov

Plants simple, globular, more or less depressed in the center; ribs 50 or more, distinct but low, more or less tuberculate; areoles filled with short white wool; spines several, spreading, usually dark colored, those of the upper areoles connivent; flowers small, at areoles below the apex of plant, deep red; tube of flower short, its axils filled with wool; inner perianth-segments lanceolate, slightly spreading; filaments exserted beyond the throat, but shorter than the perianth-segments; fruit and seeds unknown.

Described from a photograph taken in March 1907, sent by Dr. C. Bruch, of a plant in Tafi del Valle, province of Tucuman, Argentina.

Figure 62 is from the photograph mentioned above.

Fig. 62.—Lobivia bruchii.

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