Key to Species

Spines all weak, often thread-like 1. N. nidus

Spines stouter, the central, at least, subulate. Spines black.

Spines puberulent; outer perianth-segments reddish 2. N. occulta

Spines glabrous; outer perianth-segments greenish 3. N. nigricans

Spines not black (or black when young in No. 7). Flowers pink.

Plants bluish green; style and stigma-lobes reddish 4. N. jussieui

Plants bright green; style and stigma-lobes white to greenish.

Perianth-segments entire 5. N. subgibbosa

Perianth-segments toothed 6. N. chilensis

Flowers not pink 7. N. fusca.

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