Key to Species

A. Tube of perianth distinctly longer than limb.

B. Flowers white to red or pinkish.

C. Spines all straight, subulate.

Inner perianth-segments thread-like

Inner perianth-segments broad.

Stems slender, cylindric, much longer than thick

Fruit very slender

Fruit (so far as known) globular

Flowers 10 cm. long

Flowers 17 to 20 cm. long.

Central spines 1 to 4, 4 cm. long

1. E. meyeri

2. E. mirabilis

3. E. forbesii

4. E. huottii

5. E. minuana

*In Echinopsis aurea and E. formosa the flowers are yellow, in E. multiplex and E. oxygona red to rose.

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