Key to Species

A. Giant species, often 1 meter high or more (except apparently 3, 4, and 5). B. Areoles with a marginal row of bristles or hairs. Areoles with marginal weak hairs.

Central spines yellowish; flowers yellow 1. F. stainesii

Central spines bright red; flowers red 2. F. pringlei

Areoles with marginal bristles. Central spine hooked.

Central spines 8 cm. long or less, 4 to 6 mm. wide. Inner perianth-segments pink.

Inner perianth-segments linear 3. F. fordii

Inner perianth-segments oblong 4. F. townsendianus

Inner perianth-segments yellow to red, the outer pinkish.

Inner perianth-segments about 2 cm. long; spines yellow to red 5. F. chrysacanthus

Inner perianth-segments 4 to cm. long; spines white to reddish 6. F. wislizeni

Central spines up to 12 cm. long and 8 mm. wide 7. F. horridus

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