Figure 119 is from a photograph of the type plant 9 Echinofossulocactus lamellosus Dietrich

Echinocactus lamellosus Dietrich, Allg. Gartenz. 15: 177. 1847.

Subglobose to short- cylindric, more or less depressed at the apex; ribs about 30, strongly flattened, more or less undulate; areoles remote, tomentose when young; spines 5 or 6, white (Schumann says yellow) with brown tips; flowers tubular, 3.5 to 4 cm. long; inner perianth-segments linear to linear-lanceolate, acute; stigma-lobes 5 to 8, linear, yellow.

Type locality: Mexico.

Distribution: Hidalgo, Mexico.

This species is known to us only from descriptions.

Echinocactus lamellosus fulvescens Salm-Dyck (Cact. Hort. Dyck. 1849. 30, 159. 1850) seems never to have been described.

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