Echinofossulocactus wippermannii Mhlenpfordt

Echinocactus wippermannii Mühlenpfordt, Allg. Gartenz. 14: 370. 1846.

Simple, obovoid, 55 cm. high, 5 to 6 cm. in diameter, dull green; ribs 35 to 40, compressed, slightly undulate; areoles 52 mm. apart, hairy when young, glabrate in age; radial spines 18 to 22, setaceous, white, 15 mm. long; central spines 3 or 4, erect, elongated, 2 to cm. long, subulate, terete, blackish; flowers 5.5 mm. long, dull yellow.

Type locality: Mexico. Distribution: Hidalgo, Mexico.

We know this species only from description. Schumann states that both Ehrenberg and Mathsson collected it in the state of Hidalgo, but the species collected there by Dr. Rose, while of this relationship, is certainly distinct (Rose, No. 8717, in part).

Schumann refers here Echinocactus acifer spinosus Wegener (Linnaea 19: 355. 1847), an unpublished variety, which is the same as Echinocactus spinosus Wegener (Allg. Gartenz. 12: 66. 1844). This name is older, and if the same as E. wippermannii it would replace it; E. acifer Hopffer (Förster, Handb. Cact. 520. 1846) is said to belong here according to Labouret.

Illustrations: Schelle, Handb. Kakteenk. 569. f. 100; Möllers Deutsche Gart. Zeit. 25:

474. f. 6, No. 12, as Echinocactus wippermannii.

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