Echinofossulocactus lloydii sp nov

Nearly globular, 12 cm. in diameter or more, crowned by the long overtopping connivent spines; ribs very numerous, thin, more or less folded; areoles brown, woolly when young; radial spines acicular, 10 to 15, white, 2 to 8 mm. long, spreading; central spines 3, light brown, much elongated, somewhat incurved and connivent, the two lateral ones similar and not so papery, the middle one very thin, annulate, 4 to 9 cm. long; flowers small, nearly white; outer perianth-segments with a green stripe on the mid-vein; inner perianth-segments thin, narrowly oblong, acute; scales on the ovary ovate, acute, very thin.

Collected by F. E. Lloyd in Zacatecas, Mexico, August 14, 1908 (No. 7), and flowered in Washington the same year.

Figure 118 is from a photograph of the type plant.

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