Echinofossulocactus heteracanthus Mhlenpfordt

Echinocactus heteracanthus Mühlenpfordt, Allg. Gartenz. 13: 345. 1845. Echinocactus tetraxiphus Otto in Schumann, Gesamtb. Kakteen 363. 1898.

Globose to short-cylindric, light green, nearly hidden by the closely set spines; ribs 30 to 34, much compressed, somewhat undulate; areoles white, hairy when young; radial spines 11 to 13 (16 to 18, according to Schumann), acicular, white, spreading; central spines 4, brownish to flesh-colored, more or less annulate, compressed; flowers and fruit unknown to us, but greenish yellow, according to Schumann.

Type locality: Real del Monte, Mexico. Distribution: Real del Monte, Hidalgo, Mexico.

We have had this species in cultivation, but it never flowered and the plant has died. Schumann has given a good illustration of it. Rose, No. 8717, in part, from near Real del Monte, may belong here.

Schumann took up an unpublished name of Otto (Salm-Dyck, Cact. Hort. Dyck. 1844. 20. 1845) for this species.

Illustrations: Schumann, Gesamtb. Kakteen f. 63; Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 15: 160, as Echinocactus tetraxiphus.

Fig. 118.—Echinofossulocactus lloydii.

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