Echinofossulocactus grandicornis Lemaire

Echinocactus grandicornis Lemaire, Cact. Gen. Nov. Sp. 30. 1839.

Echinocactus grandicornis fulvispinus Salm-Dyck in Labouret, Monogr. Cact. 210. 1853.

Echinocactus grandicornis nigrispinus Labouret, Monogr. Cact. 210. 1853.

Plants simple, globose to slender-cylindric, 10 cm. high, 5 to 6 cm. in diameter, glaucous-green, the apex hidden by the spines; ribs 34 or 35, much compressed, acute, undulate; areoles only a few to each rib, tomentose when young, naked in age; spines 8 to 11, at first yellowish; upper spine erect, stout, flat, 5 cm. long, the 2 lateral ones not so stout, a little shorter and nearly terete, the other spines slender; flowers whitish purple.

Type locality: Mexico.

Distribution: Mexico.

This species is known to us only from descriptions.

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