Echinofossulocactus dichroacanthus Martius

Echinocactus dichroacanthus Martins in Pfeiffer, Enum. Cact. 62. 1837.

Echinocactus dichroacanthus spinosior Monville in Labouret, Monogr. Cact. 213. 1853.

Plant obovoid, dull green, 15 cm. high, 10 cm. in diameter, somewhat umbilicate at apex; ribs 32, thin, acute, undulate, somewhat wavy; areoles only a few on each rib, white-tomentose; upper spines 3, erect, flattened, purplish; radial spines 4 to 6, white; flowers and fruit unknown.

Type locality: Mexico.

Distribution: Hidalgo, Mexico.

Schumann's description differs somewhat from the original, but the only plant he refers to is that of Karwinsky, which is probably the type.

17. Echinofossulocactus anfractuosus (Martius) Lawrence in Loudon, Gard. Mag. 17: 317. 1841.

Echinocactus anfractuosus Martius in Pfeiffer, Enum. Cact. 63. 1837.

Echinocactus anfractuosus spinosior Lemaire, Cact. Gen. Nov. Sp. 89. 1839.

Echinocactus anfractuosus orthogonus Monville in Labouret, Monogr. Cact. 220. 1853.

Plant simple, somewhat longer than broad, 12.5 cm. long, 6 cm. in diameter, dull green; ribs many (about 30, according to Schumann), compressed, wavy, each bearing only a few areoles; spines somewhat curved, straw-colored with brown tips; radial spines 7, stout, the 3 upper radials much larger, about 3 cm. long, the lower radials slender; central spine solitary, 2.5 cm. long, brownish; perianth-segments purple with white margins.

Type locality: Mexico.

Distribution: Mexico, in Hidalgo at Pachuca and Ixmiquilpan.

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