Copiapoa cinerea Philippi

Echinocactus cinereus Philippi, Fl. Atac. 23. i860.

Simple, cylindric, 20 cm. high, 10 cm. in diameter, covered with wool at the apex; ribs 18, broad, obtuse; spine solitary or sometimes 5 or 6, terete, black; upper radials 4 mm. long; lower radials 12 to 16 mm. long; central spine 18 to 20 mm. long; flowers funnelform, 18 to 30 mm. long, 2.5 cm. broad, yellow; ovary naked; fruit 1.5 to 2 cm. long; seeds black and shining.

Type locality: Along the coast of Chile from Taltal to Cobre.

Distribution: Western Chile.

This species is similar to Copiapoa marginata but has more ribs and very different armament.

Fig. 98.—Copiapoa cinerea. Fig. 99.—Copiapoa marginata.

We have seen no living specimens of this species, but Dr. Rose obtained a small piece of the type from the Philippi Herbarium. This agrees very well with Schumann's illustration cited below.

Illustrations: Schumann, Gesamtb. Kakteen Nachtr. f. 15; Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 11: 7, as Echinocactus cinereus.

Figure 98 is copied from the first illustration above cited.

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