Arequipa myriacantha Vaupel

Echinocactus myriacanthus Vaupel, Bot. Jahrb. Engler 50: Beibl. 111: 25. 1913.

Simple, depressed-globose, 10 cm. in diameter, 8 cm. high; ribs 26, strongly tubercled, separated by an acute sinus; areoles closely set, broadly elliptic; spines slender, bristle-like, when young brown, in age dark gray, 25 or more, the longer ones 3 cm. long; flowers slender, tubular, 5 to 6 cm. long; axils of the scales on the flower-tube and ovary bearing long silky brown hairs.

Type locality: Above Balsas in the provinces of Chachapoyas, Department of Amazonas, Peru, altitude 2,200 meters.

Distribution: Northeastern Peru.

This species is related to Arequipa leucotricha, but it has very different armament.

Through the kindness of F. Vaupel we have been able to examine a fragment of the type of this species which was collected by A. Weberbauer (No. 4272) and is now preserved in the herbarium of the Botanical Garden at Berlin.

In seedlings and even in small 5 to 6 year-old plants the spines are pilose.

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