Wilmattea gen nov

A climbing cactus, epiphytic and rooting along the sides of the joints, slender, with few short spines; flowers solitary at the areoles (in one case 2 flowers seen), small for the tribe, nocturnal, with a narrow limb and with a very short tube; ovary small, covered with ovate, imbricating, reddish scales, each subtending a small areole filled with felt and occasionally with 1 bristle or more, perhaps sometimes naked; filaments and style short.

One species is known, native of Guatemala and Honduras. The genus is named in honor of Mrs. T. D. A. Cockerell (Wilmatte P. Cockerell) in recognition of her many discoveries of rare plants and animals in Central America.

In habit this plant resembles a slender-stemmed species of Hylocereus while the flower and ovary bear similar scales and this led us at one time to consider it as a species of that genus. The flowers, however, are so much smaller with scarcely any tube and bearing felt and bristles in their axils that we now regard it as generically distinct.

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