Trichocereus thelegonoides Spegazzini

Cereus thelegonoides Spegazzini, Anal. Mus.

More or less branched above; trunk to 6 meters high, cylindric, 18 cm. in diameter; branches more or less curved, ascending, 5 to 8 cm. in diameter, obtuse at apex; ribs 15, low, obtuse, at first strongly tubercled by a strong depression between the areoles, but gradually disappearing in age; areoles small, circular, felted; spines 8 to 10, yellow or brownish, setaceous, short, 4 to 8 mm. long; flowers 20 to 24 cm. long, greenish without; inner perianth-segments oblanceolate, acute, white; scales on the ovary and flower-tube hairy in their axils.

Type locality: Jujuy, Argentina.

Distribution: Northern Argentina.

Living specimens were brought from Argentina by Dr. Rose in 1915.

Fig. 189.—Trichocereus thelegonus.

3. Trichocereus spachianus (Lemaire) Riccobono, Boll. R. Ort. Bot. Palermo 8: 237. 1909.

Cereus spachianus Lemaire, Hort. Univ. 1: 225. 1840.

Echinocereus spachianus Rümpler in Förster, Handb. Cact. ed. 2. 827. 1885. Cereus santiaguensis Spegazzini, Anal. Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires III. 4: 478. 1905.

Stem upright, at first simple, later profusely branching at the base; branches ascending parallel with the main stem, 6 to 9 dm. high by 5 to 6 cm. in diameter, columnar; ribs 10 to 15,

obtuse, rounded; areoles about 1 cm. apart, large, covered with curly yellow wool, becoming white; radial spines 8 to 10, 6 mm. to 1 cm. long, spreading, stiff, sharp, amber-yellow to brown; central solitary, stronger and longer than the radials; all the spines later becoming gray; flowers about 20 cm. long by about 15 cm. in diameter, white.

Type locality: Argentina, but definite locality not cited. Distribution: Western Argentina.

This species was named for Edward Spach (1801-1879).

Illustrations: Monatsschr. Kakteenk. 10: 93; Rep.

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