The cactaceae

24. TRICHOCEREUS (Berger) Riccobono, Boll. R. Ort. Bot. Palermo 8: 236. 1909.

Columnar plants, more or less branched; ribs few to numerous, either low or prominent, usually very spiny; flowers nocturnal, large, funnelform, the perianth either persistent or separating from the fruit by abscission; perianth-segments elongated; stamens numerous, filiform, arranged in two groups; stigma-lobes numerous; ovary and flower-tube bearing numerous scales, their axils bearing long hairs; fruit without bristles or spines, dull colored.

Type species: Cereus macrogonus Otto.

This genus consists of 19 species, confined to South America. It is based on the subgenus of the same name by Berger, but only 2 of Berger's species were transferred to it by Riccobono.

While the flowers of this genus suggest Echinopsis, we can not agree with Berger's suggestion that the genera might be united.

The name is from the Greek and signifies thread-cereus, referring to the hairy flower-areoles.

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