Stetsonia gen nov

A tall, erect, much branched cactus, with strongly ribbed branches, the areoles felted and bearing several unequal stiff subulate spines; flowers funnelform, large, solitary at upper areoles; ovary oblong-globose, densely covered by small, broad, erose, ciliate, abruptly subulate-tipped, membranous scales; flower-tube cylindric, somewhat expanded above, bearing distant scales similar to those of the ovary; outer perianth-segments broad, green, obtuse, the inner oblong-oblanceolate, spreading, acute; stamens numerous, not exserted; anthers large, oblong; style rather stout; stigmalobes many, linear.

Only the following species is known to us, a conspicuous plant of the Argentine deserts. The genus is dedicated to Francis Lynde Stetson, of New York.

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